Our Associated Companies

A robust network multiplies your areas of expertise. So RFSIL believes in and adopts the same strategy. We have associated with YESJAY and RFSIL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY PVT LTD. Truly their exceptional proficiency in diverse domains adds to your opportunities as well. The mentioned fields include Corporate Finance, Advisory Service, Corporate Secretarial Jobs, Corporate Law, Taxation, Digitalisation and so on. When you build a network you enjoy access to more skills and talents. We just do that.


Yesjay is a leading consultancy firm, which specializes in providing services in the areas of Accounting, tax, Corporate Finance, Advisory Service, Corporate Secretarial works, BPO And On-Site Staffing. They are advisors and auditors to Indian companies, LLPs, Firms and Individuals. They also ensure that their clients maintain high quality management and a sound financial position.


RFSIL Management Consultancy Private Limited is one of the emerging management consulting firms in Kerala. It has aquired collective expert knowledge and specialist experience in the field of Digitalization Services, Physical Record Management Services, Enterprise Document Management Services, Tax, Corporate Law, Corporate Finance and Accounting within the Kerala market and across a wide array of industries.